Community Fund Programme
ARCC believes in a holistic approach to delivering services and achieving impactful outcomes. Our approach is three pronged:-
  1. Partnering with organisations to deliver an ABCD grass roots response that builds on community strengths and advances equalities for addressing needs and issues faced by marginalised communities.
  2. Enabling voluntary sector organisations to develop and grow, providing infrastructure support to VCS to deliver quality services.
  3. Gathering evidence of community conversations in relation to community issues, needs and gaps affecting Asian communities in particular.


Our Community Fund Programme focuses on the delivery in the following areas work: - 

  • Legal, Financial & Digital Inclusion

  • Elderly Health & Well-being

  • Young People & Parenting 

  • Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence  

In order to to deliver the above services we have partnered with a number of agencies in Croydon.  You can view the asset map we have devised by clicking on the link below: -    

If you would like to know more about this project please contact: -  
Aisha Bryant-Abdullah
020 8684 3784 

We have also produced a short video highlighting the success of the project in the first year.  You can watch by clicking below:-