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About Us

Asian Resource Centre of Croydon was established in 1999 as a charitable organisation with a view of bringing together Asian Communities & Businesses.


Our mission is to support, develop and promote voluntary/community activity that enhances the quality of life in Croydon.


Our vision is of an inclusive vibrant and sustainable voluntary and community sector that enhances local quality of life.

Our key outcomes are:-

  • More effective, responsive services for local people

  • Empowered and active communities

  • Increased social inclusion and community cohesion

  • An increase in social capital

  • Strengthening of civil society

  • Increased health and wellbeing of Asian communities

Our Approach

ARCC believes in a holistic approach to delivering services and achieving impactful outcomes.

Our approach is three pronged:-


  1. Partnering with organisations to deliver an ABCD grass roots response that builds on community strengths and advances equalities for addressing needs and issues faced by marginalised communities.

  2. Enabling voluntary sector organisations to develop and grow, providing infrastructure support to VCS to deliver quality services.

  3. Gathering evidence of community conversations in relation to community issues, needs and gaps affecting Asian communities in particular.

ARCC Board of Directors/Staff


The Board of Directors provides Asian Resource Centre of Croydon with a breadth of experience and expertise. All Directors contribute their time to help set and oversee the strategic direction of the organisation. They work directly with Staff, review and comment on plans and performance, review any major issues bearing on the wellbeing of the organisation, and decide important new directions. It is the Directors responsibility to approve our Budget, Annual Report and Accounts.

  • Jay Patel - (Chair)

  • Ash Balakrishnan - (Vice Chair)

  • Sahadat Hossain - (Secretary)

  • Dr Suraj Paudel - (Treasurer)

  • Dilshad Surelia - Director

  • Rumel Jahur - Director 

  • Somasundaram Kanagasundaram - Director

  • Dr Hana Patel - Director ​

  • Tamkin Riaz - Director 

  • Hussein Ghor - Director 

  • Samina Khan - Director

  • Ima Miah (Chief Executive Officer)

  • Mamun Khan (Programme Manager)

  • Debahuti Chakraborty (Finance Manager)

  • Nayim Chowdhury (IT & Project Coordinator)  

  • Beena Ali (Mental Health Project Lead)

  • Nasreen Syeda (Community Facilitator)

  • Natalie Appiah (Care Home Connector)

  • Amjid Rahman (EDI Research/Community Facilitator & LTC Project Coordinator)

  • Kay Kakad (Sessional Worker)

  • Gifty Nmaju (EPP Project Coordinator)

  • Lizzie Hewitt (EPP Consultant) 

  • Mariah Alam (Community Facilitator/Connector)

  • Shipa Ali (EMHIP Youth Support Worker)

  • Hafiz Sanni (EMHIP Mobile Hub Support Worker)

  • Mashhood Akhtar (Office & IT Administrator)

  • Sharon Adams (EMHIP Mobile Hub Support Worker)

  • Shammee Hoque (Community Connector Assistant)

  • Rahima Ahad (Maternal Health Care Researcher)

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