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Cancer Awareness Programme Croydon

Cancer Awareness Programme Croydon is here for you and those you love.

We aim to help raise awareness of cancer for South Asian & Black communities living in Croydon. ARCC have teamed up with Croydon BME Forum and work alongside the NHS. We are funded by RM Partners West London Cancer Alliance to help deliver a programme that works for you and your loved ones. The support of a highly respectable cancer alliance, we can assure you that your voice is being heard and understood.

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Why do early screenings matter?

  • Almost everyone (almost 100%) will survive their cancer for 5 years or more after they are diagnosed with Stage 1 Prostate Cancer. (1)

  • Basically, the earlier we attend a screening; the more chance we have of a longer, healthier life with friends and family.

  • Feel free to contact Tom for more information and remember to keep in touch with us on social media to stay up to date with Cancer Awareness Programme Croydon.

Social Media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/TikTok): @ARCCLTD #CAPCroydon

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Survival of prostate cancer | Cancer Research UK

Email: tom.grashion@arccltd.comTelephone: 07915 069554

Please feel free to take part in our Croydon Cancer Awareness Programme, by completing this short survery:

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