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Covid-19 Information

During the pandemic ARCC has been busy supporting the community in many different ways under challenging circumstances. 


We have been working closely with Croydon Council and especially the NHS Croydon Health Services to hold online interactive sessions with the community and many health experts and community leader to get the correct information to the communities. 

We have done several events around Covid-19 to raise awareness, myth-busting, mental health, seasonal infection and help with vaccination uptake of the Covid-19 Vaccine. The sessions were attended by members of the public, frontline staff and Council staff.


We have held small sessions which saw between 20-40 people and large sessions attended by 274 people in our January session. These sessions targeted particular topics and communities. Question and answer sessions between the public and local health specialists and GPs. 

During each session we conducted two identical surveys one at the beginning of the session and one at the end of the session to gauge if peoples opinions had been changed once they had heard from the health specialists and we found that on all the occasions attendees had responded positively. 


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BIMA (British Islamic Medical Association) has a number of useful resources on their website about Covid-19 including resources in different languages. 


Please visit their website using the links below: -  

Covid-19 Video Gallery​
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