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Hate Crime

The topic of Hate Crime is of genuine concern to ARCC, we operate a local Hate crime Hotline and also we have been carrying out numerous consultations with local people.  77% of which said they or family or friends have been victim of hate incidents or crime.

From our conversations with people within the community we understand that there may be some concerns about the possibility or reality of hate crime increasing or directed at certain communities such as immigrants and older people post Brexit regardless of whether we leave or not. We asked 80 ARCC members people what could be done to tackle hate crime?


The responses fall into 6 categories: -


  1. More action or involvement with/by police

  2. More education around reporting/diverse

  3. communities/respect and values/restorative justice

  4. Self-action i.e. reporting, taking precaution, communication and respect others

  5. National level action, i.e. media bias, policy change, perpetrators brought to justices

  6. Community response to hate crime, i.e. neighbourhood watch, advocacy, safe 3rd party reporting, different communities and faiths coming together.

  7. Supporting victims i.e. rebuilding self-confidence, reporting mechanisms, social integration.


This evidence suggests that there is a lack of awareness of what hate crime is and what causes it.


Croydon Council                  Tell Mama               Stop Hate UK

        Police                        Victim Support             True Vision

In partnership with Croydon Council, Met Police Croydon and Tell Mama held a Public Meeting "United Against Hate in Croydon" on Tuesday 3rd September 2019 at The Hub Broad Green. 

Our dynamic panel panel of statutory and community organisations and practitioners shared latest information, gave their expert opinions and  answered questions and concerns from a wide range of communities and individuals in attendance.

It was a lively discussion looking at; latest trends, reporting problems, political climate and local issues tackling all the different strands of hate crime.

You can watch the full discussion via the video links below. If you want to give us any feedback please email

United Against Hate in Croydon.jpg
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